by Endless Column

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Recorded and mixed entirely on a Tascam 246, summer of love 2011.


released April 8, 2012

Douglas Burns: Guitar, Vocals
Jim McCann (emeritus): Bass
Eric Watts: Drums
David Wolf: Guitar, Vocals

Mastered by Daniel Husayn



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Endless Column Chicago, Illinois

Douglas Burns: guitar, vocals
Kevin Goggin: Bass
Eric Watts: Drums
David Wolf: guitar, vocals

7" version of the demo available from Twintoe/Taken by Surprise
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Track Name: Salty Teardrops
Taste your teardrops
Don't they taste just like salt
Salt that tastes so good
Like it was made just for you

Stop feeling sad
For things you never had

If your stomach's full
You can take a little pill
Don't you feel so old
Don't you feel so old
Track Name: Misrata
What can you do?
It is a rebel suicide
The West won't look you in the eye
Their guns will bury you

How could you know?
The ocean's boxed you in
Dictators want revenge
This must be the end

This must be the end
Track Name: Endless Column Summer
Endless summer running till the end of time
Endless for the flower generation

It's in our fingertips
It's in our DNA
It's on our children's lips
It's in the airwaves
Were we ever free?
Every summer ends

Endless summer in the air like acid rain
Endlessly we bang the tambourine
Track Name: Hiway 5
Standing in a stump lined port
Staring deep into and endless void
A thousand puddles on the ground
Oh, I tuned that option down
Oh, I tuned that option down

Rain became an endless storm
Highway 5 became an old dirt road
Fifteen miles from the coast
Oh, I turned that car around
Oh, I turned that car around
Oh, I turned that car
Track Name: Tic For Tac
Call me up girl
If you want to learn
What it's like to have fun
Call me up, I'll come

If you call on me
I'll be your man

All the kids know
Where you're at is dumb
Who'd ya think would care
If you'd never been there

So, if you wanna leave
I'll be you man
Track Name: Decay
I'm in Decay and I like it
Decay decay I like it
Won't you come watch me fall apart

Decay decay I like it
Decay decay 
My love won't you come and watch me fall apart